Attack 11 Cortny wins VB Classic @ The Courts!

Attack 181 takes 3rd @ Bonzai Classic!

Attack 151: 33rd (61 teams) @ President's Day Classic!

Attack 141: 35th (61 teams) @ President's Day Classic!

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Upcoming Tournaments:

Saturday, February 25th

    DocumentAttack 132: Spikes Challenge 13 Silver @ Spikes BBG (Lincoln)

    Sunday, February 26th

      DocumentAttack 11 Boys: VIP Tournament 12 Bronze @ Millard South HS
      DocumentAttack 11s AnneMarie: Bellevue Digfest 12s Silver @ Bellevue East HS
      DocumentAttack 11s Sara (112): VIP Tourney 12 Silver @ Millard South HS
      DocumentAttack 11s Cortny (113): VIP Tourney 12 Bronze @ Kiewit Middle School
      DocumentAttack 121: Mizuno Premier Showcase 12 Gold @ The Courts
      DocumentAttack 133: Bellevue Digfest 13 Silver @ Bellevue West HS
      DocumentAttack 142/143 Black: Premier NE Classic @ The Courts - schedule n/a yet
      DocumentAttack 143 White: Bellevue Digfest 14 Silver @ Bellevue West HS
      DocumentAttack 152 & 153: Starlings Shiverrrdown II 15 Silver @ Benson HS
      DocumentAttack 161: Spikes Challenge 15-16 Gold @ Spikes BBG (Lincoln)
      DocumentAttack 171: Spikes Challenge 16-17 Gold @ Spikes BBG (Lincoln)
      DocumentAttack 181: Metro Classic III 18 Silver @ Omaha Central HS

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      Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same.

      You will be missed Jenyi!

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